Do you Need SMTP to send Email instantly?

$ 2,50

Do you Need SMTP to send Email instantly?

  • If   YES.

We provide WEB.de Webmail that can send up to 250 Emails/hour, which is 6000/day.

You can send an unlimited number of emails all month.

With This SMTP you can start sending Emails instantly and marketing your services.

What ISP you can do to it?

WEB is a powerful SMTP that we have used for over 4 years and it helps us generate over 50k per year, as it’s a sheep SMTP.

we sell 2.5$ per account, if you have a safe database you can use this SMTP for a long duration.

ISP you can send them:

  • Gmail
  • Hotmail: you may need to use VPN in order to avoid using your ip that could be blacklisted in spamhus
  • Yahoo: only fresh webmail can work and after that you will need to use VPN too.
  • Orange: you can send email inbox but make sure to use a good link because you may get simply blocked.
  • Juno: it can go inbox
  • t-online.de : inbox
  • SFR: inbox
  • Many ISPs and Cables, just test with 1 account and then buy more.

Contact us after purshasse to send you the account

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